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Jeju Shinhwa World Casino Thrives Despite Chinese Boycott

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Jeju Shinhwa World Casino Thrives Despite Chinese Boycott

The Jeju Shinhwa World integrated resort located on South Korea’s Jeju Island has raked in KRW369.4 billion (approximately $327.7 million) in revenue since its grand opening in February, local news outlets report. The property features one of the island’s nine casinos as well as a number of non-gambling options.

The reported figure places Jeju Shinhwa World well ahead of its local rivals. According to official data, Jeju Island’s other eight casinos generated the total amount of KRW136.5 billion during the same reviewed period. In addition, the Jeju Shinhwa World resort took in around five times more than South Korea’s biggest casino, Paradise City located in Incheon.

The Jeju Island-based resort was developed and is operated by Hong Kong-based real estate developer Landing International Development. The company commenced construction on what turned out to be a KRW2-trillion mega-scheme in 2014 and began opening the property in phases from April 2017. Aside from a gaming floor, the resort also features a hotel, a convention center, retail space, theme and water parks, a concert hall, and multiple food and beverage facilities.

Jeju Shinhwa World welcomed some 350,000 international visitors since it launched and around 115,000 played at its casinos, the resort has revealed.

Jeju Shinhwa World Shines amid Rivals’ Struggles

The Jeju Island has long been a popular hub for Chinese tourists. However, the island was among the places around South Korea to be hit the hardest last year by the economic cost of China’s unofficial but wide-ranging boycott of South Korean goods.

Among other things, Beijing banned group tours to Korea which saw the number of Mainland China visits to Jeju fall steeply. As a result, the island’s casinos, which relied heavily on Chinese VIP customers, experienced sharp declines in their gaming revenues.

Jeju Shinhwa World, on the other hand, appeared to have adopted a different model that eventually helped it mitigate the consequences of China’s ire. Instead of relying solely on Chinese customers, the resort stepped up its efforts to attract visitors from other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Serena Eng, Vice President of Marketing at the casino, said that they assembled teams that had to draw and cater to VIP guests from Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan and hired more staff that spoke Cantonese and Taiwanese Mandarin instead of relying solely on Beijing-style Mandarin-speaking staff members. That helped Jeju Shinhwa World reduce the proportion of its guests from China to just 50%, compared to up to 90% at other resorts across the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition, the resort’s casino paid special attention to VIP marketing as it derived 80% of its revenue namely from high roller players. The gaming floor at Jeju Shinhwa World currently features 165 gaming tables and half of these are dedicated to VIP players. In comparison, other resorts across the Jeju Island use just about 15% of their tables for high roller gaming action.

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Roaring 21 Adds Key Changes To The Lobby

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Roaring 21 Adds Key Changes To The Lobby
Roaring 21 Adds Key Changes To The Lobby

If you pay regular visits to our news section, perhaps an article from March might’ve caught your attention, since our announcements of new casinos simply cannot go unnoticed. Guess what, the casino’s name is Roaring 21 and they’re back with some slick refreshments to save the day!

The operator has spent countless hours working behind the scenes to implement the industry’s latest features into the platform and make the whole gaming experience even better for the players. Since the launch, Roaring 21 has come up with incredible ideas of presenting its gaming hub and what better way to perfect user experience than making key information more transparent and accessible?

One Click Cashier

Part of the newly implemented upgrades is the expandable menu above the game categories, easily accessible from the lobby. Okay, this isn’t something to brag about, but it is very important for the players, since the cashier is now available at just one click, making deposits faster and easier than ever before.

The feature is included in both desktop and mobile version of site, so there is no need to worry if you play on the go…

Also, redeeming an exclusive coupon has been simplified, as no copy/paste requests are included whatsoever. Due to an increased number of retyping errors, designers have come up with a solution that is good for both the players and the casino itself. Here’s how it works:

A player logs in and heads straight to the promotions page in the lobby. Upon opening, they will be presented with a list of all available coupons. With the help of a single click, they can easily select a preferred offer and activate it on spot. The interface will then bring down a menu “Deposit & Complete” giving the players an opportunity to make the purchase. In case a player wants to cancel the transaction and select another coupon, the menu will offer them a prompt.

Easy Access To Comp Points As Well

Comp points are now easily claimed by clicking the section in the expandable menu and launching a popup. Players are allowed to control the number of points they want to convert into cash and long navigating through options is no longer required. One more for the players!

All things considered, Roaring 21 is hurling towards better user experience with newly installed traits, and improving the way players interact is one of the key aspects of running a successful online casino. We wish them good luck!

Quickspin creates more immersive play with Hidden Valley revamp

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Quickspin creates more immersive play with Hidden Valley revamp

Quickspin, a top slots specialist of Sweden, has announced a modern spin has been added to their popular online slot, Hidden Valley. The classic title from the Playtech plc studio has undergone a major revamp involving the graphics to create more immersive game play. Reinventing an Original: Released in 2015, Hidden Valley was a big […]

FanDuel Sportsbook ‘Hopefully Online’ By Football Season, Meadowlands Owner Says

FanDuel Sportsbook ‘Hopefully Online’ By Football Season, Meadowlands Owner Says
FanDuel Sportsbook

Meadowlands owner Jeff Gural hinted in an interview that the FanDuel Sportsbook could launch online sports betting in New Jersey by the first kickoff.

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Talking Stick social casino platform -- CASINO ARIZONA

Talking Stick social casino platform -- CASINO ARIZONA

Casino Arizona recently launched its "Talking Stick" brand casino app. 

partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Russia Main Event won by Anatoly Filatov for $886,200

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partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Russia Main Event won by Anatoly Filatov for $886,200
partypoker ambassador Anatoly Filatov emerged victorious in this year's partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Main Event held in Russia after he defeated fellow player Gor Kazaryan in a heads-up battle for the massive first place prize worth $886,200. Only a few weeks ago, Sochi, the Russian town located on the coast of the Black Sea, played host to the FIFA World Cup. This time, it was poker's turn to shine after the soccer craze thanks to the very successful tournament series called partypoker LIVE MILL[...]

The Magic of Little People

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The Magic of Little People
The Magic of Little People

Marcello Mastroianni was one of the most incredible actors Italy ever produced. He made his fame starring in Federico Fellini's classic films, like 'La Dolce Vita' and 'City of Women.' But other directors found his talent for expressing himself on the screen equally fascinating and starred him in such films as 'WifeMistress,' 'Gabriella' and 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow' where he appeared in three separate stories with Sophia Loren.

One of the last movies Mastroianni made before his death, and one of my favorites, was 'I Don't Want To Talk About It.' In the storyline, Marcello appears as a wealthy eligible bachelor who falls in love with a dwarf.

Charlotte is an attractive artistic woman who is an accomplished musician and horsewoman. Her only problem, if it is a problem, is that she is a little person, something her over-protective mother refuses to talk about.

Against all rhyme or reason, Marcello finds himself captivated by Charlotte and comes courting. The girl's mother thinks he is interested in her and is shocked when Mastroianni proposes marriage to her daughter.

The film was released in 1993. I have viewed it several times and enjoyed it more each time because of Mastroianni's performance.

I thought about the movie recently because of a long past association with Judy, a small person who worked as a receptionist for a newspaper that employed me as a reporter. The Evening American was a daily newspaper owned by Evan Mecham, a Mormon Bishop who would serve as Governor of Arizona a short time before his political enemies managed to remove him from office.

Almost from the first day I met Judy, I knew she was special. Crippled from birth with a spinal defect, she walked with crutches. She wore a wig, glasses and an engaging smile that never seemed to go away.

I don't know if this is true of all little people, but Judy was one of the luckiest people I have ever met. Every time we had an office pool, whether it was on the Kentucky Derby or some other game of chance, Judy seemed to win.

I asked her about her good luck. She simply shrugged.

'Well, the good Lord took away my ability to walk, so I guess He figured He had to compensate me somehow,' she said.

When she traveled to Las Vegas, she almost always seemed to win whether she played the slots, shot dice or played blackjack. She would spend a weekend there with her mother and return to Phoenix with her purse filled with money.

At the office cocktail parties our newspaper occasionally threw for political leaders or other newsmakers, she was delightful. It didn't take much wine to intoxicate her diminutive frame. After a couple of glasses of chardonnay, she would make her way over to me and tell me she needed my protection.

'What for, Judy?' I asked, genuinely concerned.

'That man over there,' she would whisper, pointing into the crowd. 'He has his eyes on me. I think he wants to seduce me.'

It was all her imagination, of course, but Judy took it seriously and because I was her friend, so did I. I would make it my business to stay close to her until the party ended and she could be whisked safely home.

I don't know. Maybe dwarfs have magical powers. Like Judy said, perhaps God gives them those powers to make up for their limitations. That seemed to be true in Judy's case. It worked for Charlotte, who snared Marcello Mastroianni and that isn't a bad catch by anyone's standards.